CompTIA Security+ Notes

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Module 1 (Click to View Notes)

Benefits:1. Multiple internal pc share one public ip address.2.Caching.3. Reduved usasge of bandwith.4.Security. [view]

Module 2 (Click to View Notes)

1. CIA Triad.ConfidentialityIntegrityAvailabilityHow to's:Confidentiality.(Encryption, Access Controls, Steganography.)Integrity.(Digital signatures, Certificates, Non-Repudiation).Availability.(Redundancy, FAult tolerance, Patching).  [view]

Module 3 (Click to View Notes)

Baseline reportingCode ReviewDetermine attack surfaceReview ArchitectureReview Designs [view]

Module 4 (Click to View Notes)

Full DiskDatabaseIndividual FilesRemovable mediaMobile Devices Hardware based encryption devices.TPM- Trusted platform moduleHSM- Hardware security moduleUSB EncryptionHardware [view]

Module 5 (Click to View Notes)

Multiple accounts:Only allow if he has multiple roles.Like if he is an admin and a user both then only allow the multiple accounts. Privilage in each account be different.Shared Accounts:Multiple user use a account over time. Keep a watch on log, who [view]

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