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By: Clouds | Related Course: CompTIA Network+ | Published: October 18, 2016 | Modified: October 23, 2016
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NotepadClass Less Inter Domain Routing

By default we have classfull routing that uses the default subnet but if we want to use subnetting then we usthe CIDR notation to make this bit easier to calculate.


it is denoted by /12 or any value followed by / but it cannot be /32. because if it is /32 then all the subnet will be and leave no space for host.

It represents our subnet mask.

calclation is easy. look at the video again.




NotepadIP Address

4 Octet each have 8bits: 0’s are off and 1’s are On.

255 is the highest number that can be assigned but total value is 256(0-255)



unicast is for one to one i.e link local , site local, unique local and global local.

multicast is for one to many but not all. 

Both of above are supported in ipv4-6.

broadcast is for ipv4 anycast ia for ipv6. Anycast is one to nearest.

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