Incident Response and Advanced Forensics Notes

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Module 1 - Introduction to Incident Response (Click to View Notes)

Sony Pictures HackMalware in sony worldwideDid a significant amount of damageOverwrote data 7 different waysDumped (confidential) data to public sites.Leaked 5 films to the public19th of December 2015 FBI blamed North Korea. Sony didn't have worse s [view]

Module 2 - Incident Response Policy (Click to View Notes)

Communication with law enforcement. Law enforcement should be contacted trough designated individuals in a manners with the requirement of the law in a consistent manner. ISP can help. In some cases. Owners of the attacking adres (also an ISP) let [view]

Module 3 - Incident Handling (Click to View Notes)

Is the incident over?What assets are involved? What is the damage?Is conciteud operation possible/required?Re-avulate any all recent changes  [view]

Module 4 - Legal Aspects of Incident Response (Click to View Notes)

-If data of individuals get stolen-contact with contact details to a destigned agent. Serious breaches>5000>500.000breach is of a database owned by the federal government or EU.  [view]

Module 5 - Forensics of Incident Response (Click to View Notes)

~ manage-bde.exe -status~ get the status write down. ~ manage-bde.exe -protectors -get (with volume letter) [view]

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