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sgirvin | CompTIA A+ | Module 2.5 - Wireless Standards / Encryption

By: sgirvin | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: February 26, 2018 | Modified: February 26, 2018
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NotepadWireless Bluetooth

Key- mW (transfer at miliwatts) m(meter range)

Class 1 – 100mW – 100m

Class 2 – 2.5mW – 10m (Fastest transfer speed, has less interference)

Class 3 – 1mW-1m (Low power Bluetooth)

NotepadWireless Encryption Types

+WEP- (Wireless Encryption Privacy)

+WEP- is a flawed encryption protocol. Broken Encryption. Low secure if at all. Can be cracked in as little as 20 mins

+WPA- (WiFi Protected Access) uses TKIP Encryption. Medium secure

+WPA2- AES Encryption. Approved in government usage. Very secure


NotepadWireless Standards

802.11a- 54Mps, 5Ghz, 50feet

802.11b- 11Mps, 2.4Ghz, 150feet

802.11g- 54Mps, 2.4Ghz, 50feet

802.11n- 600Mps@2.4Ghz, 175feet  or  300Mps@5Ghz, 50feet


NotepadWireless Standards Channels

Wireless has 14 channels.

Always allow a 2 channel buffer for overlapping frequencies. Most common channels used are 1, 6, 11 which allows the 2 channel buffer. The buffer is allowed to overcast into channel 12+ but is prohibited by law to have the standard channel set up of 12+ in the US. 

Channels 1-11 are available for use in the United Stats by law.

Europe can use 1-13 and Japan can use 1-14 by law.


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