CompTIA A+ Notes

By: sgirvin | Related Course: CompTIA A+
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Module 1.9 - Custom Configurations (Click to View Notes)

Hone Theater PC connects all devices together-Video card     +High Resolution     +Digital Output     +HDMI-Surround Sound    +5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound     + HDMI/Coax Cable-HTPC Compact Form Factor     +Integrated AV (Audio Visual) [view]

Module 1.10 - Evaluate Display Devices (Click to View Notes)

Plasma Display does not use liquid crystal but Plasma gas. The plasma gas is brighter and has better contrast then LCD.-Consumes more energy the LCD-Can have Burn in imageOLED- Organic light emitting diodes Layers of organic chemicals on the monito [view]

Module 2.3 - TCP/IP (Click to View Notes)

-Multicast Group All Host - Sends to multiple nodes (Computer/servers exe.)+FFxx:_______+Instead of broadcasting message sent it via All Host Group-AnyCast+Like Unicast but sends it to nearest address(Lowest ping) [view]

Module 2.4 - Common TCP and UDP (Click to View Notes)

-DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)+Automatically allows our computer to receive a IP, subnet mask, DNS & other settings-LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)+Connect w/Directory Servers (Active Directory)-SNMP (Simple Network Mana [view]

Module 2.5 - Wireless Standards / Encryption (Click to View Notes)

Key- mW (transfer at miliwatts) m(meter range)Class 1 - 100mW - 100mClass 2 - 2.5mW - 10m (Fastest transfer speed, has less interference)Class 3 - 1mW-1m (Low power Bluetooth) [view]

A+ 900 Series Updates (Click to View Notes)

901Hardware 34%Networking 21%Mobile Devices 17%Hardware & Network Troubleshooting 28%902Windows Operating Systems 29%Other Operating Systems & Technologies 12%Security 24%Software Troubleshooting 24%Operational Procedures 13%Also see CompTia [view]

Module 2.6 - Install and Configure a SOHO Router (Click to View Notes)

-Firewall    +Filter Ports   +Protocols    +Inbound/Outbound    +Implied Deny-WPS - WiFi Protected Security (Security Shortcut)Fast parring like Bluetooth by Pin and pushing a button.-  [view]

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