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By: Raul Pop | Related Course: End User Security Awareness | 1 Hour | Published: June 14, 2017 | Modified: June 14, 2017
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NotepadOnly security basics

Only safety Introduction

Dangers on the internet

Internet connectivity means anyone in the world can launch an attack against us.


Multitude of Dangers Online

Fake websites capturing credentials

Websites hosting viruses

Websites collecting personal information

Downloads infested with malware

Oversharing on socialmedia


Look-alike website type

Malicious websites can masquerade as well known popular websites

These look alike websites will then use our trust to install malware click ads,or visit other malicious sites


Warning Signs for Look alike Websites

Website Lock(https://)

Out of the Ordinary(outdated)

Arrived to the website via link(email,chat message or on another website)


Online Dangers Browser Hijacking

Browsers Acting Irregularly

Sometimes certain software will change some of the settings on our internet browser

When this occurs our browser may look different or act irregularly

-New toolbars

-Different homepage/search engine

More ads/popups on pages

Text on pages are underlined ads

Receive ”Insecure Connection” pages



Use caution when downloading or installing files

Inform the security department of any suspicious browser activity

Remove unused toolbars or browser add-ons


information Shared Online Lasts Forever

When you share on social media you are making your private information public

Attackers know:

-our geographic location

-obtain information which may be our recovery answers

-inadvertatly reveal sensitive corporate or government information


Social Media Best Practices

Privacy Settings

Delayed Sharing

Secret Questions



Online Financial Dangers

Sending information properly financial data are some of the biggest targets for online attacks

There are many ways that this information can be stolen

Virus to record our pressed keys

Impersonating Bank websites

Scam emails

Websites which steal payment info

Websites which record the keys we are typing into other open pages

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