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By: Raul Pop | Related Course: End User Security Awareness | 1 Hour | Published: June 14, 2017 | Modified: June 14, 2017
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NotepadEmail,Lins Attachments

The Danger of Email and Attachments


One of the easiest ways for attackers to reach victims

Provides anonymity for the attacker

Attachments can carry many different threats to a computer user

Company filters catch most bad emails but cannot catch everything


Email Addresses are personally identifiable information


Email Address lists bought and sold

Clean up your Email Subscriptions

Have Different Emails for Different purposes


How emails can be Dangerous



Can lead to websites hosting viruses

Attempt to steal username/password

Lead to inappropriate or shocking content



May hide viruses/malware

Can hide malware in any attachment

Always check with the supposed sender if they send an attachment

Virus scans may not detect every threat that may hide an attachment


What to look for and how to be suspicious


-Unsolicited Downloads

-Sense of Urgency

-Promise of Money

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