End User Security Awareness | 1 Hour Notes

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Module 1 (Click to View Notes)

Damages Caused:Financial:250 Billion dollars lost in the United States alone last year due to cyber breachesComputer company McAfee estimates $1,000,000,000,000 lost globally Information:Personally Identifiable InformationPasswordCompany SecretsNati [view]

Module 10 (Click to View Notes)

Security MeasuresSigns of suspicious activityPersistent PopupBrowser SettingsNew files Steps for handlingIsolate your computerMaintain any EvidenceContact the Security team [view]

Module 2 (Click to View Notes)

Information used to identify someoneFirst and last NamePhone NumberAddressCredit Card NumberAccount Number  Follow Company PolicyEstablished policies and protocols always are the first check when we are unsure on how to handle requests for PII.Chec [view]

Module 3 (Click to View Notes)

What is Social Engineering Act of Manipulating peopleNot all threats are technical attacksBy manipulating people,attackers can be more successful with less effortSocial Engineering exploits the flaws,people actions,habits,customs and lazinessIn this [view]

Module 4 (Click to View Notes)

The Danger of Email and Attachments One of the easiest ways for attackers to reach victimsProvides anonymity for the attackerAttachments can carry many different threats to a computer userCompany filters catch most bad emails but cannot catch everyt [view]

Module 5 (Click to View Notes)

Only safety IntroductionDangers on the internetInternet connectivity means anyone in the world can launch an attack against us. Multitude of Dangers OnlineFake websites capturing credentialsWebsites hosting virusesWebsites collecting personal inform [view]

Module 6 (Click to View Notes)

Computer Security Best Practice-keep your computer safe against attacks ,best practice as lock them,cable locks using and data system protected.Best Practice areIdentifyKnow what computer threats look like and what to be suspicious of.Try to determin [view]

Module 7 (Click to View Notes)

Keeping data safe as it travelsNetwork SecurityEven if we keep data safe on our computer it may still be possible for an attacker to get ahold of our data while it is traveling across the network or the internetTo help keep our data safe it is import [view]

Module 8 (Click to View Notes)

Why Physical Security Matters for Computers Even when password protected data can be taken from computers if someone can remove the hard driveThe goal of the attack may be to disrupt operations through physical destructionHaving physical access make [view]

Module 9 (Click to View Notes)

Mobile Devices in the workplaceMore devices=more riskAnyone can infect devices with malicious software or programs that could affect your computers and spread to the networkBest practice is to avoid using these devices at work unless permission is gi [view]

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