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By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Security+ | Published: May 31, 2017 | Modified: June 1, 2017
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-Common Access Card

-Personal identification verification card

-Smart Card

-Least Privilege

-Separation of duties

-Single Sign On

-Job rotation

-Mandatory vacations

-Time of day restrictions

-Implicit deny

-Access Controls lists

-Access control

-Mandatory Access Control

-Discretionary Access Control

-Rule based Access Control

-Role based Access Control

NotepadAccess Controls

Access Controls:




-Access Control Lists(ACLs)


Access Control Models based on security labels:

Mandatory Access-security labels

Discretionary Access-owner’s discretion

Rule base-set of rules

Role base-what role do you play


Time of day Restriction


NotepadAuthentication Services

Radius-Remote Authentication Dial in User System:

-allow for authenticating Remote users;

-often used in dial up user connections and enterprise grade wireless authentication


TACAS+=> Support Multi factor authentication

KERBEROS =>Authentication standard:




LDAP=> Light weight Directory Access Protocol


NotepadAuthentication/Authorization and Access

-Identification-user id/e-mail address



Authentication factors=>

Some thing you know:PIN/Password/Passphares

Something you have:Tokens

Some thing you are:Biometrics

Somewhere you are:

Something you do:Signature dynamics->Pressure,Speed

                                  :Keyboard dynamics->Flight Time,dwell time


Single Factor

-Multi factor

-Strong factor


NotepadBest Practices for Account

-Multiple accounts

-Multiple Roles

-Shared accounts


Account Policy Enforcement

-Credential management

-Group policy

-Password Complexity

-Password Expiration


-Disable password

-Lockout policy

-Lockout threshold(3-5)

-Lockout duration

-Password history

-Password reuse

-Password length(6 to 8 minimum)

-Group privileges

-User assigned privileges

-User access reviews

-Continuous monitoring

NotepadImplementing Appropriate Security

-Mitigate issues associated with users with multiple accounts/roles

-Account policy enforcement

-Password complexity






-Lockout thresh hold

-Lockout duration

-User assigned Privileges

-Group assigned Privileges

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