CompTIA Security+ Notes

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Security+
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Module 1 (Click to View Notes)

Wireless Access Point-Antenna Placementsite survey -Change the settingsssid,account name,password -ssidservice set identifierenable broadcastdisable boardcast -Power level controlsincrease or decreasespread the signal -Mac Filtering -Captive Por [view]

Module 2 (Click to View Notes)

CIA1)Confidentiality2)Integrity3)Availability 1)Confidentiality-Encryption-Access controls-Steganography=>least significant bit 2)Integrity-Digital Signatures-Certificates-Non reputation 3)Availability-Redundancy-Fault tolerance-Patching 4)Saf [view]

Module 3 (Click to View Notes)

Vulnerability ScanningPassively test security controlsIdentify vulnerabilitiesIdentify a lack of security controlsidentify common misconfigurations Black box TestingWhite box TestingGray box testing [view]

Module 4 (Click to View Notes)

Data Policies:WipingDisposingRetentionStorage Encryption:Data in transitData at RestData in use [view]

Module 5 (Click to View Notes)

-Multiple accounts-Multiple Roles-Shared accounts Account Policy Enforcement-Credential management-Group policy-Password Complexity-Password Expiration-Recovery-Disable password-Lockout policy-Lockout threshold(3-5)-Lockout duration-Password history [view]

Module 6 (Click to View Notes)

Core of Public key Infrastructure(PKI)PKISymmetric Key-Public Key-Private KeyRegistration Authoritykey EscrowRecovery AgentCA-Certificate AuthorityCRL-Certificate Revocation list [view]

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