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Raul Pop | CompTIA Network+ | Module 2.5

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Network+ | Published: September 19, 2017 | Modified: September 19, 2017
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NotepadSwitching Loop,Bad Cables,Port

1)Switching Loop

-Layer 2 loop

-broadcast packets loop forever

-multiple links may be in redudancy

-STP mitigates but can fail

-change device/topology


2) Bad cables/Improper cables

-Physical cable or connector damage

-Incorrect cable type

Crossover vs Straight

-Cat vs Cable

-Maximum Distance Exceeded



3)Port Configuration

-Port type


-VLAN Settings

-MAC 1st

-Port Speed/Duplex

Simple,Half,Full Duplex

Port Speed


4) VLAN Assignment

-Check Port Configuration

-VLANs must be same  Subnet

Access Ports  vs Trunk Ports

-Route Data Between VLANs

NotepadWrong Subnetmask Wrong Gateway

1) Wrong Subnet mask

-Subnet indicates net portion vs host

-Can throw off an addressing scheme

-Check CIDR Notation


2) Wrong Gateway

-Device sends packets for other nets

-Typically Router

-Routers only address direct packets


3) Duplicate IP Address

-Windows my show error

-Prevents correct packet delivery

-Check static assigments

-Check DHCP Reservation/Scope


4) Wrong DNS

-Domain Name Resolution

External DNS does not know internal devices

-DNS Forwarders

-DHCP DNS Options


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