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Raul Pop | CompTIA Network+ | Module 2.3

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Network+ | Published: September 13, 2017 | Modified: September 13, 2017
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NotepadDHCP Overview and Static and Dynamic

1) DHCP Overview

-Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

-Automatic Addressing



Device to hand out addresses

NIC to ”Obtain Addresses Auto”


-DHCP Process

DHCP Discover

DHCP Offer

DHCP Request


-APIPA 169.254.x.x


2) Static vs Dynamic

-Static addresses manual

-Access Devices should be static

-Static Devices can be on DHCP

-create Reservation



-From DHCP

-set range(scope)

-set lease

NotepadDHCP Process


-IP Address=>MAC

set static on Device

Reserve on DHCP


-Device Reservations

server,routers,IDS,printers,NAS etc


2) Scopes

-Range of Addresses Given Out

-Not all Addresses must be set

-Multiple DHCP servers

-separate parts of scope


3) Leases

-Automate IP addresses

DHCP set lease

Devices attempt renewal


-Renewal Process

Client asks for renewal

DHCP either extends lease or no response




-Options are coded values

-Provide Network settings:

050-IP Address

051-Lease Time

006-DNS Servers

003-Default Gateway

001-Subnet mask

015-Domain Name(suffix)

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