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By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Network+ | Published: September 11, 2017 | Modified: September 11, 2017
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Network as a service


a) Offsite Network

-just need a computer,link to ISP and Naas

-Hosts apps,data,services etc.



-Less management

-Business continuity/backups

-Powerfull resources for less $$




-Less Control/Security Conceps

-Does cost


NotepadOnsite vs Office

Difference service is hosted:

in house or in cloud



-faster response

-more control

-business continuity implications




-Data backups

-Connection delay

-Information control

NotepadVirtual Box

PBX private branch exchange:

telephone switch/call manager

-establish connections

-maintain connections

-disconnect connections

-provide call info


Virtual PBX replaces Hardware

-still need call agent

-useful for VOIP

-small office=> large call center

NotepadVirtual Desktops

-Remote Desktop Virtualization

Virtual Desktop ,Remote data

Consistent folders everywhere

Remote Data execution


-Local Desktop Virtualization

Virtual machine runs locally

Virtual Disk/Image Synced

Local Resources but constant network is not required

NotepadVirtual Servers

-Servers that provide a full service

-Full physical server may not be needed

-allows for logical distribution/scaleable resources

-Communicater over physical NIC

May install more NIC’s

May install virtual switch

NotepadVirtual Switches

Virtual computers communicating.

Switch like connectivity

Communicate over layer 2

set up vlans

utilize single nic as trunk port

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