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MendChrist | CompTIA Network+ | Module 1.8

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Network+ | Published: September 7, 2017 | Modified: September 8, 2017
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NotepadDocuments Findings

Documents findings actions outcomes

-Should be documenting from start




discovered issue


-Write documentation clearly

-Avoid skipping steps/slang or acronyms

NotepadIdentify the problem and establish a theory

Identify the problem

-Gather information

Is this the first time?

What was going on?

Recent computer change?

-Identify symptoms

-Questions users

Talk not only to single user

-Determine if any changes


Establish a theory


Previous Documentation


NotepadImplenet solution and verify

Implement solution/escalate

-Carry out steps for solutions

-If needed escalate


Verify functionality preventative measures

-Verify original issues is fixed

-No new issues

-Hold on to config/data

-Perform preventative measures

Prevent Issue

Lock settings/configs

Check for faulty equipment

NotepadTest the theory to determine the cause and poa

Test the theory to determine the cause

-once theory is confirmed

determine next steps

determine how to fix


-if theory is not confirmed

create new theory



Establish POA/Identify Effect

-Every action has  equal oppossite action

Not really but keep in mind

Always backup

-Plan Actions step by step

Not be able to fully

NotepadTroubleshooting Theory

Troubleshooting Theory:

-Identify Problem

-Establish theory of problem cause

-Test the theory

-Establish a plan of action/identify effects


-Verify functionality/Preventative measures

-Document Findings,Actions,Outcomes

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