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MendChrist | CompTIA Network+ | Module 1.1 - OSI and TCP/IP Models

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Network+ | Published: June 15, 2017 | Modified: September 4, 2017
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NotepadOSI Model Layer 1 Physical

Layer 1-Physical


-Physical/Electrical Stages

-Conversion Between  Data->Signals




Cable specifications

NIC(Network Interface Card)


NotepadOSI Model Layer 2 Data Link

Layer 2 -Data link


-Transfer From Point->Point+MAC Address

-Package bits/Data into frames

-Need to map this Point->Point

NotepadOSI Model Layer 3 Network

Layer 3-Network Layer

-referred to ”IP” layer

-Functional means of transferring data through one=>mac network

-Translate logical addresses to physical


Network Routing Function


Routers layer 3

Packets layer 3


NotepadOSI Model Layer 4 Transport

Layer 4-Transport Layer

-Management Control

-Transfer of DATA

-Split communications into Packages


TCP-Receipt(verify the packages)(Transmission Control Protocol)

UDP-No receipt(no verify packages)(User datagram Protocol)

NotepadOSI Model Layer 5 Session

Layer 5-Session

-Traffic Control

-Controls Connection between Computer

-Establish,Manage and terminate connections

-Regulates when computer can send how much

-Coordinates Conversation

NotepadOSI Model Layer 6 Presentation

Layer 6 – Presentation


Translates application in another form

Independence from Differences in Data Presentation

Formats Data: Encryption/Decryption

NotepadOSI Model Layer 7 Application

Layer 7-Application

Network Access

-Enables App to access network

-Identify communication partners

-Determine Resource Availability

-Sync. Communication


NotepadOSI TCP/IP Models Overview

OSI Model

Layer 1 Physical Layer

Layer 2 Data Link Layer

Layer 3 Network Layer

Layer 4 Transport Layer

Layer 5 Session Layer

Layer 6 Presentation Layer

Layer 7 Application Layer









NotepadTCP/IP Layer

Network Interface

Layer 1-Physical Layer

Layer 2-Data Link Layer


Interface Layer

Layer 3-Network Link


Transport  Layer

Layer 4-Transport Layer


Application Layer

Layer 5-Session Layer

Layer 6-Presentation Layer

Layer 7-Application Layer


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