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Raul | CompTIA Linux+ | Module 2 - Installation and Configuration

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Linux+ (Archived) | Published: May 5, 2017 | Modified: May 6, 2017
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Notepadcommand line interfance

pwd =shows current directory

cd =change the directory

cd .. = change the directory reverse

whoami= shows who am i

apt-get install… =install an application

su =get root permission

sudo bash = get root permission

du =shows current file space

last= shows last login information

df= shows space information

ps=shows processes

kill=kill a processes

find=entire processes

ctrl+c=stop a process



NotepadHow to install Linux

Recommend size for ubuntu 64: 20 GB

Size ram: 1GB ram minimum

Virtual machine share with host physical resources.

Typical is recommended install


NotepadLInux FIle System

1)Windows: NTFS,FAT2

2)Removable media: FAT/VFAT,FAT32






-Reiser(or ReiserFS)


-root drive
-swap drive
-swap size:
low Ram/low disk:512 mb-1 GB
low ram/high disk:1-2 GB
high ram/low disk: 1 GB
high ram/high disk: 2 GB
-Modern utilities are nondestructive
-Built into installer or separate

NotepadNetworking Introduction

-ifconfig=shows network configuration

cd /etc/resolvconf= shows file

cd .. cd/etc=shows entire applications

cat =information about file

cat resolv.conf

cat firefox(iceweasel)

vi example.txt shows the file,open

ctrl+z to stop

or press ESC and type :quit

cat nsswitch.conf example of gnu name service switch functionality

cat /etc/sysconfig/network

/etc/sysconfig/network-script-lfcfg-device(name) for REdHAt/FEdora/centos

hostname =name of the hostname

hostname -d = domain name

hostname -i =loopback

ifup eth0=up a network

ifdown eth0=down a network


netstat=what are you are seeing from cross internet trafic

netstat -i =network interface list

netstat -r  =routes

netstat -s=statics of protocol

netstat users

ping -c 10 www.google.ro(10 times)

nslookup www.google.ro

traceroute google.com(how many hops to get where you going)



ping www.google.ro






NotepadUsing Linux

pwd-where i am

whoami-who i am!


cd= change the directory
cd D shows all directory with D
cd and press tab can complete for you
cd ..
linux is case sensitive
ls and you can go in entire list but you need to specific full path
ifconfig -interface configuration (networking information)

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