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By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Cloud+ | Published: June 12, 2017 | Modified: June 12, 2017
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NotepadAllocation and Optimizing

VM and Host Resource Allocation

Configuration Practices

Common Issues

Common Performance Concepts


VM and Host Resource Allocation




Disk space



Quotas are the total amount of resources that a VM can use

Hard-maximum amount of resources

Soft-allows a user to exceed maximum amount



Allows an origination to use the software

Most expensive part of the install

The license agreement should be read



A set aside of resources given to the customer or VM

VM will always get a set level of resources


Resource Pools

Resources set aside for a VM

Possible for the resources to be diveded for a specific groups

Provide organizations


Dynamic Resource Allocation

Best performance


Capacity arrangements

Helps reduce power costs


Physical Resource Redirection

External modem

Handheld device

File on the host computer




USB Device


Configuration Practices

Memory Ballooning

Swap Disk Space


Disk and Disk Performance


Memory Ballooning

Memory is typically the limiting factor

Ballooning allows the OS to exceeded the limits loosely

Usually requires a third party software


Swap Disk Space

When all physical memory has been issued swap disk space can be used

Similar to page file but for VM



Typically VM,  are limited to how many cores a CPU has

Faster CPU allow for more request to be achieved

If VM or host is performing slow to many process might be running


Disk and Disk Performance

Disk speeds can limit the VM

RAID can improve performance and allow for fault tolerance



Common Issues

Common Failures with Disk

Physical HARD Disk Failures

Disk Corruption 

HBA Fails


Common Failures with Memory

RAM Failures

Swap Files out of Space


Common Failures with Network

NIC Failures

Speed/Duplex Mismaches

External devices Fail


Common Performance Consideration






Quality of Service(QOS)


Load Balancing

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