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By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Cloud+ | Published: June 12, 2017 | Modified: June 12, 2017
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Benefits of Virtualization


Migration Considerations


Benefits of Virtualization


Shared Resources

The cloud provider can provide resources as needed to the customer

Sharing resources over the cloud provides better efficiency while reducing costs



Term used to give the customer resources loosely

A resource pooling is provided that serves multiple cloud customer

Gives the customer what they need when they need

Cost savings ability



Separate resources

Separates traffic to a particular network

Applications isolation is used to separate the program so that it can operate separately


Infrastructure Consolidation

Consolidating many virtual computers on a single host

Uses less power and fewer administrative functions

Allows a company to use less hardware which reduces costs






Baselines of a computer or computer’s resources to start a VM


Virtual to Virtual(V2V)

Migrates a virutal server to a virtual server

The OS data and programs are migrated to new VMs

Can be automated


Physical to Virtual(P2V)

Migrates a physical server to a virtual server

The OS data and programs are migrated to the new VMs


Virtual to Physical (V2P)

Migrates a virtual server to a physical server

The OS data and programs are migrated to the new physical server

Requires special tools to migrate

Mainly used for testing

Some application cannot perform on VM,V2P relevates this


VM Cloning

Create copies of VM

Used to make copies of a machine

Clones can be identical allowing many copies of the same machine


Migration Considerations


Host OS will need to be upgraded

Guest tools

VM of Hyper-V might need upgrade



Research OS before moving VM

Monitor machine before migration begin

Clean the system up before migration



Plain maintenance before migration

Have downtime before migration

Have a plain to migrate milestones



Perform test before and after the VM migration is performed

Network settings and configuration should be tested

Backups need to be tested before and after the migration

Reboot the VM and server several times

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