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By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Cloud+ | Published: June 8, 2017 | Modified: June 8, 2017
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NotepadNetwork Structure and Configuration

Network Topologies

Network Types

Network Optimization

Network Ports and Protocols

Routing and Switching


Network Topologies

-Bus Topology(street-line)

-Ring Topology(each computer has 2 connections in a circle connection)

-Mesh Topology(every computer is connected to every computer)

-Start Topology(center node)

-Tree Topology(hieriracal structure 1-2-4)


Multiple LANs make a WAN



Network Type



-Extranet(Perimeter network,DMZ)



-private network

-created by an company to host internal resources

-Isolated network

-Protected by firewalls or proxies



-Global networks of interconnected network devices

-Not controlled by any organization

-Networks relying on protocols to send information

-Commercial and private organization by an IP



-Extension of an intranet

-Allows the organization that created the extranet to share resources outside the intranet

-Owned by the organization that created it



Network Optimization

-Load balance






Load Balancing

-Distributes requests across devices

-Used to lightening the load



-Bandwidth is the speed of the netwrok

-10 MB/Sec

-100 MB/Sec



-Latency is the time delay while data is being sent



-Shrinking a file

-ZIP and RAR are common file extensions types



-Allows for a storage of frequently accessed data

-Servers typically have a cash that allows a temporary storage of internet files for quick recall


Common Ports



Routing and Switching

-Network Address Translation(NAT)

Allows a network to share one IP in the internet

-Port Address Translation(PAT)

Provides many internal devices mapping of a single internal IP addresses

-Virtual Local Area Network(VLAN)\

Virtual LANs to create a logical separation on a physical network

VLANs are usually created in a switch

-Routing tables

Table that are stored on the router

-Used to route network packets

-Contains information about the internal network and the next hop



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