CompTIA Cloud+ Notes

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA Cloud+
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Module 9 (Click to View Notes)

ToolsPingTracert/TracerouteIpconfig/IfconfigNslookupNestatARPTelnet DocumentationShould be easy to understandRecord responsibilitiesRecord device configurationUpdated ChangesMakes troubleshooting easier if issues arise System LogsRecords event on P [view]

Module 10 (Click to View Notes)

Network SecurityLayered securityHardeningPenetration testingVulnerability asssessmentsSecure StorageTraining and up-to-date tools Layered SecurityDMZIDS/IPS Host and NetworkFirewallDenial of Service(DoS)Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS)Ping of Dea [view]

Module 1 (Click to View Notes)

Unit OverviewNetwork and Direct Storage TypesAccesses and ProtocolsStorage Preparation and Accessing Network and Direct Storage Types 1)Network Attached Storage(NAS)2)Storage Area Network(SAN)3)Direct Attached Storage(DAS) Network Attached Storage [view]

Module 2 (Click to View Notes)

1)RAID-RAID 0(Striped)-RAID 1(mirrored)-RAID 0+1(striped+striped=becomes mirrored)-RAID 1+0 or 10(mirrored+mirrored=becomes striped)-RAID 5(Block level stripping with distributed parity)-RAID 6(Block-level stripping with distributed parity and an add [view]

Module 3 (Click to View Notes)

Network TopologiesNetwork TypesNetwork OptimizationNetwork Ports and ProtocolsRouting and Switching Network Topologies-Bus Topology(street-line)-Ring Topology(each computer has 2 connections in a circle connection)-Mesh Topology(every computer is co [view]

Module 4 (Click to View Notes)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)-outsourcing the infrastructure of a Network-infrastructure in maintained on the internet or by thid party companiesPlatform as a Service(PaaS)-allows a company to have application deployment-tools and programming la [view]

Module 5 (Click to View Notes)

HypervisorVirtualization HostVirtual Machine Hypervisor Type 1 vs Type 2ProprietaryOpen SourceConsumer vs Enterprise Type 1Loaded as a coreVirtual machines loaded on bare metal Type 2Operating system installed then VM loaded on OSBoth are control [view]

Module 6 (Click to View Notes)

Benefits of VirtualizationMigrationsMigration Considerations Benefits of Virtualization Shared ResourcesThe cloud provider can provide resources as needed to the customerSharing resources over the cloud provides better efficiency while reducing cos [view]

Module 7 (Click to View Notes)

VM and Host Resource AllocationConfiguration PracticesCommon IssuesCommon Performance Concepts VM and Host Resource AllocationResourcesMemoryCPUDisk space QuotasQuotas are the total amount of resources that a VM can useHard-maximum amount of resour [view]

Module 8 (Click to View Notes)

ProtocolsBaselinesThresh holdsAutomated Event ResponsesRemote Access Tools ProtocolsSimple Network Management Protocol(SNMP)Windows Management Instrumentation(WMI)Out of band ManagementShort Message Service Simple Network Management Protocol(SNMP)U [view]

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