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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 2.9 - Compare Network Devices

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: April 25, 2017 | Modified: April 25, 2017
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NotepadNetwork Devices

1) HUB

-multiple computers connect to a hub which transfer signals

-active (Active hubs takes signals from one computer to and re-transmits, boosts and repopulates those signals to other computers)

-passive(passive hubs means its re-transmits and passes along the signal as is)

-intelligent(intelligent hubs pull double duty.  They receive and read data packets, and associate them with the computer that sent it and only transmits data back packets assigned to that specific computer.)

NotepadNetwork Devices

1) Switches(lite hubs)

-remember mac address and port

-different layers

layer 2 – MAC

layer 3 – similar to router for enterprise building,office,work,large connection

Switch move information

Router router the information

NotepadNetwork Devices


-connect different networks

-router has a private address(

-router public address(

-router has a public address to internet from a web server address(


2)PoE(Power Over the Internet)

-boosting the signal

-supported by Switch/Cable

-new additional power to run it


NotepadNetwork Devices

1)Access Points(Wireless)

-wireless points arent routers!

-multiple access points with different SSID(Name/key)

-boosting signals

-offer a large connections in a office building

-takes the information and send it back cross a router(cable)


2) Ad-Hoc Network

– point to point connection(computer->computer or  more devices)

NotepadNetwork Devices


wired (or wireless) connection to another bridge for the purpose of connecting two independent network segment)

-turn a wired connection to a wireless connection adding a wireless bridge(device)

NotepadNetwork Devices

1) NAS(Network Attach Storage)

-self configured

-small as computer

-hard drivers act as storage network (ex: as backup)

-connect to a network(switch,routers)


2)Firewall(As physical devices)

3 computers -router-inside the router has a hardware firewall>ISP

-monitor what income from network and outside to network

NotepadNetwork Devices

1)VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol)

-usb adapter/rj45 adapter

-voice phones


-voip adapter

-large enterprise enviroment 


2)Internet Appliance

-single device can do all 

-can switch,route,firewall

-single point failure

-all the work so its more weak

-especially for home enviroment


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