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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 2.8 - Identify Network Types

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: April 24, 2017 | Modified: April 25, 2017
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NotepadNetwork Types

1)Lan(Local Area Network)

-inside of home,office building

2)Wan(Wide Local Network)

-multiple lans

-business network+home office/client(example)

Internet is the most large wan network

3)Man(Metropolitan Area Network)

-cities,subway system,wireless access,college ,campus buildings,large area,one geographical location

4)PAN(Personal Area Network)

-devices closest




-small area





NotepadNetwork Types/Topologies

Network computers are group which talk to each other(home,world,cross of world)


Types of networks

1)LAN(Local Area Network)

2)WAN(Wide Area Network)

3)PAN(Personal Area Network)

4)MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)


Topologies of networks





5) BUS




4 Computers every computers to neighbour and connected directly to every computer

-partial mesh one computer or two computers have multiple connections



-4 computers  only to a neighbour but not directly.

Example if computer A send a package(token to computer C need to pass through computer B and if B reads it he knows to pass it to C)

-slower connection


1) BUS 

-all of the nodes connection to one cable

-main lane and on cable different work station at the,start, end of the cable you have a terminator bounce to terminators the ”message”

-small network

-weakness if cable is going down/connection all entire nodes are going to fail



-multiple nodes(devices) connected to a center node(router)

-if a device fail does not fail connection

-center hub(traffic coordonator)

-if hub is going down we dont have a connection anymore

-easy to setup

-easy to redesign,expend

-easy to travelsue(issues)

-weakness center hub is going down all devices is going down




-Bus topology going with a cluster to a server (clustering) 

1 type topology  that integrate with another one topology

-its kinda costly

-setup isnt easy depends of costs

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