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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 2.7 - Internet Connection Types / Features

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: April 23, 2017 | Modified: April 24, 2017
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NotepadInternet Types

ISP(Internet Service Provider)





5)Line of Site





-Connection from Modem which transform digital signal to analog

-Slow connections 56 kb/s


2) ISDN(Integrated Services Digital Network)

-Terminal Adapter

-Channel=64 kb/s

-BRI=2 Data 1 control 128 kb/s

-PRI=23 Data 1 control



3)DSL(Digital Subscriber Line)

-High Frequency

-DSL filter(splitter)

-Standard=3 Mb/s download

-ADSL=20 Mb/s download

-VDSL=52 Mb/s download


NotepadInternet Types


-Cable Modem(transceiver)


-100 Mb/s Download



-12 Mb/s Down


-Line connect point from a to be

-line of sight


-70 Mb/s

-2-11 Ghz(unlincesed)

-10-66 Ghz(licensed)



NotepadInternet Types


-3G=up to 14 mb/s

-4G=up to 100 mb/s

-4GLTE = up to 1Gb/s


2)Fiber Optic Cables

-Beams of Light

-300 Mb/s –1000 Mb/s

-FTTN(Fiber to the node) isp–street box

-FTTC(Fiber to the curb)isp–close street box

-FTTP(Fiber to the premises)isp—Building


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