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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 2.3 - TCP/IP

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: April 20, 2017 | Modified: April 22, 2017
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NotepadDefault Gateway

Default Gateway is like a door(router,proxy server)

you can have 2 default gateways(computers is going to router then proxy server)



Full Qualified Domain Name->IP




when Computer is looking for something its starts from left it.cybrary.www

IT-Domain Name



-128 bit address

-3.4 x10 to 38

-hexadecimal format: 0-F


-has abbreviation ::


NotepadIPv6 Multicast and Anycast


-start with FF

-no longer broadcast


2) Anycast

-1 to closest,nearest Ip(closest network connection,fastest respond back)



NotepadIPv6 Unicast



– start with FE8,FE9,FEA,FEB

-FE8___ (example)


2) Site-Local

– starts with FEC,FED,FEE,FEF


3) Unique Local(Private)



4) Global Unicast

-Single Globally Routable Interface

-Similiar – ipv4 Public

-001 binary header

-45 bit Global Routing

-16 bit Network ID(Net ID)

-64 bit Individual

-128 bits total




NotepadTCP/IP 2

1)IPv4 for numbers 1-255

- separed by periods 

-4.3 billion address

-allow to communicate with servers to communicate with network

– Network ID part(network)(192.168.1)

-Hot ID part(computer)(1)


bit-1/0 on/off(binary language)




128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1


NotepadTCP/IP 3

Subnet mask

————– this string means network segment and 0 is host segment

10.0./255.255= network segment

0.1/0.0=host segment same network with 2 network with 1 network






the last 8 is the host id


Subnet mask

we cannot have break in subnet mask invalid subnet mask invalid subnet mask




NotepadTCP/IP 6


1) Public

Anyone can access in public ip(website)

When you are connecting to a website> you are connecting first to a router that gives you an IP with your computer from your ISP then to internet after that to website

2) Private Network!


Ranger of IP




NotepadTCP/IP 7


1)Automatic Private IP Addresses





IP Address-

Subnet Mask-

Default Gateway- router) is a gateway

DNS-Domain Name System



NotepadTCP/IP 8


The dynamic ip is configured by DHCP

-DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

-IP Addr.

-Default Gateway


-Lease Length/Expiration

-Reservation by MAC Addr.


NotepadTCP/IP Config 4

-CLASS A-0.-126.x.x.-Range


                   128 Networks

                   16,777,216 Hosts


-CLASS B-128.0.x.x-191.255.x.x


                  16384 Net

                  65,536 Host



NotepadTCP/IP Configurations

1) Transmission Control Protocol

2) Internet Protocol

3) First address to a computer is MAC (Physical Address)

-Media Access Control

-Located in Network Interface Card

-MAC Address is unique

-6 Paires /HexaDecimal /:




NotepadTCP/IP part 5

Class C-192.0.0.x-223.255.255.x


              2 ,097,152 net

              256 hosts

Class D-Multicasting address

Class E-Experiment Class(Use) subnet mask


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