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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 2.2 - Security Threats

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: May 5, 2017 | Modified: May 5, 2017
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NotepadPhishing/Shoulder Surfing

1) Phishing

-Targeted Emails to users/groups

-may include links/downloads

-may request info


2) Shoulder Surfing

-looking over someones shoulder

-privacy filters

-being blunt 

-someone with lack of attention/education

NotepadSocial Engineering and Malware

1) Social Engineering

-Manipulating People(most exploited)

-Targeted with emails,phone calls,etc.

-Filtering user exposure by Education


2) Malware

-Broad term for malicious Program/File

-May be received through

-Legitimate Download

-Exploited Vulnerability

-Driver By Download

-Emailed Link


Root kits

-malware that hides in os files

-modifies registry settings to cloak

-may be harder to remove



-Gathers Personal Info about a Person

-Transmits keystrokes,history,files,to server

-May be installed or injected



-malware encrypt files

-fake a/v announcement





-malicious code which self propogates(no execution)

-may cause DOS attacks



-virus/malware packaged to look legitimate

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