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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.6 - Differentiate CPU Types

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: April 15, 2017 | Modified: April 15, 2017
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Notepad32vs64 bit

The difference is how OS is allocating the resources

1)32 bit-3G Wall

2)64 bit

             32          64

CPU      x           x


APP                   x


NotepadAMD Socket Types

1) Socket 940(PGA)

The socket has 940 pins

Athlon 64Fx,Early Orteron


2) Socket AM2

The socket has 940 pins

1.6 GHZ Sempron

3.0 GHZ Athlon


3) Socket AM3

941 PINS

Phenom 2 x3,x4,x6

Athlon 2 x2,x4

Sempron 1x


4) Socket Am3+

942 pins

Support UP to 8 cores


5)Socket FM1

905 pins

-Athlon 2 x4,x6

-a4-33x x


6) Socket F

1207 pins

LGA-Pins on Socket

Server Line

Athlon 64, 64×2

NotepadClock Speed

1)Clock speed

-Mhz 1 Million cycles per second

-Ghz 1 Billion cycles per second

2) Cache- Local Memory CPU

L1-First +Check

Relatively Small =few kb




3) Bus





            Hyper transport Bus




NotepadCPU Cooling

1)Pass  Cooling

2)Active Cooling


NotepadIntegrated GPU

A function of CPU called as Graphical Processing Unit

NotepadIntel Socket

1) LGA 775

The socket has 775 pins.

Lqte,Pentium 4

Pentium D,Late Celeron


2) LGA 1366

The socket has 1366

Core i7,9xx,Xeon


3) LGA 1156

The socket has 1156

First Gen

Core i3,i5,i7


4) LGA 1555

The socket has 1555

Sandy Bridge(2nd gen)


NotepadVirtualization Support

1 real computer for a virtual computer.

Hardware assisted virtualization is for allocated resrouces correctly.

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