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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.3 - Screen Capture Labs

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: May 5, 2017 | Modified: May 5, 2017
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-chkdisk -r for after restart .

NotepadCMD Copyz

-cd.. one back directory

-md ”Backup File” -new file

– copy ”Example 1.txt” ”folder path”

-to copy more files you can use *

-copy *.txt and copy entire files with .txt extention


diskpart command

list disk

list volume

select volume …

NotepadFormat Lab

-format /?

NotepadIP Config/Ping Lag

Networking Commands

1) IP Config(ipconfig)

-shows different connections

-multiples adapters

-ipconfig /all(alot more information)

-ipconfig /release(release a new ip for you)

-ipconfig /renew(go back again re perform DHCP)

-ipconfig /flushdns(tell to our computer to delete all dns resolve cache)



-ping www.google.ro((4 times ping)

-ping -t (over and over again)

-to stop press ctrl+c

-ping -n 10(10 times)

-ping -a get the name of domain)




-nbtstat -s, -c -r

NotepadNet Lab

1)Create a folder sHARE

Use net S: \\ MINIMT-UAC2GQB\Share(the mini…is computer name)

-use net use then you will see share drive in network



-shows communication client>server

-netstat -n (do not resolve name)

-netstat -a 

-netstat -n -b(shows processes)

-netstat -n -o(process id)

-netstat -e (shows received -sent)


-nslookup google.com


-nslookup (give you many entries)

NotepadOverview Lab


-write exit to close the program

2)dir to see directories/folders

3) cd C:\User to change the location

4) ping /?  help 

5) cls=clear screen


-sfc /?



-shutdown -l

-shutdown -s



-taskkill /im notepad.exe for close the application

-tasklist -svc

-tasklist -v

NotepadTracert Lab

1) Tracert

-package information between 2 endpoints

-how much it takes to go from a location to another

-tracert -h 2(2 hops)

-tracert -d do not resolve ip address

-tracert -d -h (together)

* is for security endpoint doesnt want to show ip address

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