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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.10 - Evaluate Display Devices

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: April 16, 2017 | Modified: April 16, 2017
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CTR-Cathode Ray Terminals

They are used for old displays with tubes


CRT, or Cathode Ray Terminals, are known as an older style of display type. They use a fluorescent tube and electrons to pain the screen one line at a time.


1)Liquid Crystal

2)Polarizing Film

3)Light Source

-Passive Matrix

-Dual Scan

-Thin-Film Transistor(Active Matrix)

NotepadLCD Size,Angle

Angle is measurement in degrees:

30 degrees

60 degrees

Response rate:

How quickly pixels change the colors

Contrast Ratio the difference between brightest white darkness black


Brightest is measures in Candelas cd/m2


type of screens/monitors to flip the displays

1)Lane Scape

2) Documents type

A display can has:

-USB ports



-VGA/DVI-I DVI-D ports

Privacy screens can hold your privacy and anonimity for others around you to view your monitor.

Anti-glare screen.


NotepadMultiple Displays Analog vs Digital



2) Extended





-Standard Component 

The signals is changing






The signals is on/off


1) Plasma

-Brightest/Better Contrast

-More Power

-Burn in



-No backlight

-Better Contrast


3) Projectors

-measure in lumens


-focus on settings

-keystone/ angle the surface what you are projecting

-you have reverse

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