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Raul | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.1 - Windows Operating Systems

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: May 4, 2017 | Modified: May 5, 2017
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2)Professional 32 bit/64 bit

-Remote Desktop

-Multi Processors

-Auto Recovery



-Domain Feature

-Rooming Profiles

-Media Center



NotepadOS 7

1)Starter 32 Bit

-2 GB Ram MAX


2) Home Premium

-windows aero view


-Multi processor

-16 GB max



-Domain Network

-Roaming Profiles/Log in

-File permission

-Encryption File

-Remote Desktop Support

-Windows XP mode


4) Windows 7


-256 gb ram

-Single licence


– multi licenses


NotepadOS Requirements


-233 Mhz

-64 MB ram

-1 GB Free




-800 Mhz

-512 MB Ram

-15 GB Ram

-Direct x 9 Graphics

-DVD Rom


3)Vista Premium

– 1 Ghz

-1 Gb RAM

-15 Gb Ram

-Direct x 9 

-DVD Rom


4)Win 7

-1 Ghz

-1 GB RAM(32 bit)

-2 GB RAM(64 Bit)

-20 GB Free

-Direct x9

-dvd ROM

NotepadOS Vista


1)Home Basic

-32/64 Bit

-home basic version

-8 GB Ram Max


2)Home Premium

-Few new features

-Windows aero/glass

-Media Center

-16 GB Ram


3) Business Edition

-Small Office/Large Envinroment

-Backup feature

-Shadow copy

-Domain Network

-Roaming File

-Multi processors

-128 GB Ram





-Multi language support

-Virtual PC

-128 GB RAM+

-Single License



-multi license 

-same features as Ultimate





NotepadWindows Feature

1) BitLocker

2)Shadow Copy

3)System Restore

4)Ready Boost

NotepadWindows Features

1)32 bit vs 64

-Only 32 bit memory address

-Only 4G of RAM

2) Aero

– 3d translusion look



NotepadWindows Features


-Compatibility Mode

-XP Mode

-Easy Transfer

NotepadWindows Features

1)Administrative Tools

2)Windows Defender

3)Windows Firewall

4)Security Center

5)Event Viewer

6)File Paths

7)Control Panel &Upgrade Paths

NotepadWindows Operating System

1)XP= End of life 8/4/2014

2)Windows 7

3) Windows Vista

4) Windows 8


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