CompTIA A+ Notes

By: Raul Pop | Related Course: CompTIA A+
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Module 1.8 - Install Appropriate Power Supply (Click to View Notes)

1)4/8 pin 6/8 pin -extends the 20 pins connectors to 24 for power supply, for video cards,motherboard2) 2 BERGThis connect is for floppy driver [view]

Module 1.9 - Custom Configurations (Click to View Notes)

1)Specialized Audio-24 bits 192 khz-MIDI2)Specialized Video-Fastest GPU-HDMI,DVI avoid VGA because VGA is ANALOG and the rest of them are DIGITAL-2 GB GPU RAM 3) Hard Drive-Large/Fast Hard Driver(minimum 1 tb)-Speed is measured in RPM(Rotattons per [view]

Module 1.10 - Evaluate Display Devices (Click to View Notes)

1)Duplicate[a|b]2) Extended[a][b] 1)Analog-VGA-Standard Component The signals is changing  2)Digital-DVI-HDMIThe signals is on/off [view]

Module 1.11 - Identify Connectors & Cables (Click to View Notes)

 1) Parallelt)LPT)-db25>computer side-Centronic connnector>device/printer 2) Serial Connectordb 9 -9 pinsdb 25- 25 pins 3) Audio-1/8 '' Stereo-MID-S/PDIF Coax Connector/Square Optical Connector  [view]

Module 1.12 - Install Peripheral Devices (Click to View Notes)

Printers and Speakers [view]

Module 2.1 - Network Cables and Connectors (Click to View Notes)

Coaxial cable has:-plastic jacket-metallic shield-dielectric insulator-center core [view]

Module 2.2 - Characteristics or Connectors / Cables (Click to View Notes)

10 BASE 5/10 BASE 2RG59 television,arcnetRG6 modern cable,shiElding,more modern,better quality,F connectors  [view]

Module 2.3 - TCP/IP (Click to View Notes)

1)Multicast-start with FF-no longer broadcast 2) Anycast-1 to closest,nearest Ip(closest network connection,fastest respond back)   [view]

Module 2.4 - Common TCP and UDP (Click to View Notes)

1)DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)-automatic network settings 2)LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)-Connect with Directory Servers 3)SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol)-It is used for collecting information from, and configuri [view]

Module 2.5 - Wireless Standards / Encryption (Click to View Notes)

Personal Area Connection1) Class 1-100 m W-100 m2) Class 2(faster)-2.5 m W-10 m3)Class 3- 1 m W-1 m  [view]

A+ 900 Series Updates (Click to View Notes)

4 type of cloudspublic-servicesprivate-servicescommunity-serviceshybrid-services 4 type of models saas-software as a servicepass-platform as a serviceiass-infracture as a service 3 type of characteristics on-demand self-servicebroad network acces [view]

Module 2.6 - Install and Configure a SOHO Router (Click to View Notes)

1)DMZ-Buffer zone from internal zone to external zone [view]

Module 2.7 - Internet Connection Types / Features (Click to View Notes)

1)Cellular-3G=up to 14 mb/s-4G=up to 100 mb/s-4GLTE = up to 1Gb/s 2)Fiber Optic Cables-Beams of Light-300 Mb/s --1000 Mb/s-FTTN(Fiber to the node) isp--street box-FTTC(Fiber to the curb)isp--close street box-FTTP(Fiber to the premises)isp---Buildin [view]

Module 2.8 - Identify Network Types (Click to View Notes)

1)Hybrid-Bus topology going with a cluster to a server (clustering) 1 type topology  that integrate with another one topology-its kinda costly-setup isnt easy depends of costs [view]

Module 2.9 - Compare Network Devices (Click to View Notes)

1)VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol)-usb adapter/rj45 adapter-voice phones-usb-voip adapter-large enterprise enviroment  2)Internet Appliance-single device can do all -can switch,route,firewall-single point failure-all the work so its more weak-es [view]

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