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pilferpwnage | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.2 - Differentiate Between Motherboards

By: pilferpwnage | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: June 15, 2016 | Modified: June 15, 2016
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Notepadbus stop

32 bit bus
address bus
-transmits memory adresses between cpu and ram
data bus
-transmits data between cpu and ram
expansion bus
-add on adaptors attach to
speed measured in MHz 1,000,000 cycles per a min

64 bit bus


north and south bridge act as additional communicators for cpu talking to other parts of the pc
North Bridge
-controls memory and graphics and comm. to south bridge
South Bridge
-controls i/o controller hub
-cmos battery and cmos memory
-store memory changes to the bios
-bios nearby
chipsets cannot be removed and replaced(motherboard replacement necessary)

Notepadcpu sockets

old cpu is pdip plastic dual inline package
pga pin grid array square cpu with alot of pins on the underside be careful cause you can bend them and its hard and tedious to bend them back
when placing cpu on motherboard match with the corner usually gold on the topside
theres a lever you need to release in order to access the cpu
LGA lan grid array cpu that has the pins on the motherboard aready

Notepadexpansion packs lulz

pcix(pcix1 and pcix16 means x16 is 16X faster)
agp accelerated graphics port
agp can borrow system memory to allow greater rendering
agp pro stronger agp card
cnr slot communications network riser slot (used to be amr audio modem riser)
cnr allows 7 channels for audio, better audio support
memory slots(where the ram goes)
cpu and memory talk alot

Notepadjumpers and power connectors

jumpers- small pins found around motherboard
-change different settings
-provide different power to power buttons
-front panel display
-jumper block is the connector
power connectors
-blocky power blocks that plug into the power connector slots, number of slots vary
-power supply power connector usually has 20pin
some slots provide the power, but some agp cards require more power motherboard may have additional pins or points?
sometimes you need adaptors to connect say a sata to a power supply that only supports molex 4 pin


motherboard – computerbase

come in different sizes(form factors)

size and contents on the motherboard help determine the form factor

laptop configurations are varied to fit the laptop size

atx- advanced tech extend
-rear i/o cluster
-expansion slots parralell to short side
-left side case opening
-7 expansion slots at max
-max width 12in depth 9.6in
-2 banks of 3 slots 6 memory slots usually
micro atx
-max width 9.6in max depth 9.6in square shape
-4 expansion slots
-dual channel memory 2 banks 2 slots 4 slots total
atx extend
-expansion slots
-2 cpu slots
mini itx
-6.7×6.7 in width/depth smaller than itx
-single pci expansion slot

Notepadyeah i got fans

besides fan working improperly, checking the thermal paste on the cpu is another option
graphics cards sometimes have fans, and some just have heat plates
fans can have molex, 4 pin or a 3-4 pin connector

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