Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Notes


hmm… where to get it? ;)   [view]

By: Pop3y3 | Related Lesson: GetAcct Lab | Modified: June 16, 2016

Notes #1

Phases of Penetration #1 Recon #2 Scanning #3 Gaining Access #4 Maintaining Access #5 Covering Tracks   [view]

By: slothbear | Related Lesson: The Five Phases of Penetration Testing | Modified: June 16, 2016


in the beginning, it looks like he discovers the tool while presenting it… funny [view]

By: Pop3y3 | Related Lesson: Web Data Extractor Lab | Modified: June 16, 2016


Theory Have a target(person or company) regardless, they have firewalls, try to prevent us from getting the info, We all want to get the big target, but first we use the little steps. to get the compiney of the person or the person of that comoenay  [view]

By: imperfect | Related Lesson: Footprinting (Whiteboard) | Modified: October 29, 2016


dnsenum [view]

By: synysters | Related Lesson: DNS Enumeration Lab | Modified: June 16, 2016


nslookup [view]

By: manlam | Related Lesson: nslookup Lab | Modified: June 16, 2016


Some information is about the target, for example be our organizational websites, directories, anything regarding email..  Most available over the internet, job sites or anything realistically on the internet…  [view]

By: imperfect | Related Lesson: Introduction to Footprinting | Modified: June 16, 2016


phase 1 reconnaissance, phase 2 scanning, phase 3 gaining access, phase 4 maintaining that access, and phase 5 is covering your tracks or writing your reports. [view]

By: imperfect | Related Lesson: The Five Phases of Penetration Testing | Modified: June 16, 2016

6- ping cmd

ping tool for windows ————————- open cmd then type ” ping /? ” for review and help  example—- *ping *ping -a (IP adress of the target)     [view]

By: ashswatsonoo7 | Related Lesson: Ping Lab | Modified: June 16, 2016

5- path analyzer tool

download the path analyzer tool for windows and take a look… [view]

By: ashswatsonoo7 | Related Lesson: Path Analyzer Pro Lab | Modified: June 16, 2016

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