Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Notes

Notes of RD

AnyWho labs : US search for people’s data [view]

By: raaghavv | Related Lesson: AnyWho Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018


Footprinting- Info presents itself naturally. It is an accurate, on-point documentation and fact-finding of every target type from IP addresses, access points, systems, rogue websites to ID adverse activities. [view]

By: week3nd | Related Lesson: Introduction to Footprinting | Modified: March 30, 2018

Ferret Lab

copy tools to windows system 32 to run from command prompt >ferret gives you info >ferret -i 1  for ehternet Will sniff web traffic that is dumped on the command prompt have that info put in a static txt file then you can export into a .csv O [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: Ferret Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018


Hamster is basically listening Hamster 2.0 need to start it then go into the webbrowser put in the URL following the directions…’s a web sniffing tool. [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: Hamster Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018

Principles of cryptography

Cryptography involves confidentiality, integrity, availability and authentication. [view]

By: | Related Lesson: Core Principles of Cryptography | Modified: March 30, 2018

System hacking introduction

Here, we change integrity/modify the target system. We can do that by gaining access to it.One way to do it is to know the username and password.LAN management authentication system is the basis of all authentication systems today. We can get access [view]

By: | Related Lesson: Introduction to System Hacking | Modified: March 30, 2018

nMap scan LAB

*Use on Kali linux. [view]

By: | Related Lesson: Performing a nMap Scan | Modified: March 30, 2018

Session Hijack Theory

Why -No Acct Lockout -Insecure session handling *when does the session start before authentication if so good for the attacker -small session ID’s *longer the key spaces the better -Weak Generation Algorithms *don’t make it easy -Infinite [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: Session Hijacking (Whiteboard) | Modified: March 30, 2018

Sniffing Traffic (Whiteboard)

Wire Tapping: – Mac Spoofing – DHCP Starvation – ARP Spoofing – MAC During – MAC Flooding DHCP: – Discover – Offer – Request – Offer Tools: – Wireshark (Filters) – TShark – TCPDu [view]

By: tonyswink21 | Related Lesson: Sniffing Traffic (Whiteboard) | Modified: March 30, 2018

Session Hijacking

can break into sessions between clients and servers Application Session Hijack Network Session Hijack look into TCP and IP  [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: Introduction to Session Hijacking | Modified: March 30, 2018

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