Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Notes

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should have a target have a look on the security system of the target internal directory google dns whois ip address,net blocks web svr content source code website mirroring-not much good os detecting- operating system search engine all types url an [view]

By: ethk nz | Related Lesson: Footprinting (Whiteboard) | Modified: March 30, 2018

ID Serve download and open the tool type in URL and query the server can look at it like a book gives you an idea of what is on the server. Fairly non-intrusive and this is info out in the open [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: IDServe Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018


Footprinting is the most critical component of Penetration Testing in that the information naturally reveals itself.  Footprinting empowers accurate, on-point documentation and fact-finding of every target type from IP addresses, access points, syst [view]

By: drs17 | Related Lesson: Introduction to Footprinting | Modified: March 30, 2018

Http Recon

Windows tool  open it put in the target address and it will scan the traffic.  Rewatch this [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: HTTPRecon Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018


You will be using this alot for web app pen testing Kali Linux go to burpsuite 2 part set up Web browser  Preferences Proxy configure proxy to that which was in the burpsuite along with the port Mainly acting as a MITM  can do the analysis you ne [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: burpSuite Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018

Web App Theory

Web App Hacker Handbook Concepts -XSS – exploits the client-server relationship -Info Leakage -Content Spoof -Weak Auth  -Cross-Site Request Forgery – Forged request between sites -Brute Force -predictable Resources -SQL inject -Session [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: Web Applications (Whiteboard) | Modified: March 30, 2018


tini exe [view]

By: ihassan846 | Related Lesson: Tini Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018


Wordpress scanner pretty much a WordPress vulnerability scan #Wordpressscan [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: WPScan Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018


Kali Linux Web Crawler section go to Directory buster GUI…..put in the target URL Scanning type  -List base Brute Force search directory list  snag one and put it in the list file section -Full Brute Force You can be pretty granular how you w [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: dirbuster Lab | Modified: March 30, 2018

Web server theory

Products -IIS -Apache -Nginx -Google -Lightspeed Impact -Web Defacement -Compromise(s) -Data Tampering -” ” Theft -Pivot Points Techniques -Directory Traversal -HTTP Response Splitting -Web Cache Poison – insert your own malicious c [view]

By: Joshua | Related Lesson: Hacking Web Servers (Whiteboard) | Modified: March 30, 2018

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