Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Notes

lec 9

hPing3 tools: hping3 -h hping3  -SU ip goto wireshark with same ip and check flags on the bottom packet. ip. dst = = ip The URG flag is used to inform a receiving station that certain data within a segment is urgent and should be prioritized. If the [view]

By: ashraf01920 | Related Lesson: hPing3 Lab | Modified: April 3, 2018


Mail Exchange (MX) records are DNS records that are necessary for delivering email to your address. In simple DNS terms, an MX record is used to tell the world which mail servers accept incoming mail for your domain and where emails sent to your [view]

By: ashraf01920 | Related Lesson: DNS Enumeration Lab | Modified: April 3, 2018


Step by step Fase1->Fase2->Fase3->Fase4 [view]

By: tjsurvivor12 | Related Lesson: The Five Phases of Penetration Testing | Modified: April 3, 2018

lecture 7

Scanning Basis: 1.L4/L3 tcp (flags) 2.-udp 3.ipv4-ipv6-4.icmp type codes Hosts are up or down// if you get ping response than it is up and timed out then host is down.. You can try then ports that host response Vulnerabilities map  ping sweep subnet [view]

By: ashraf01920 | Related Lesson: Scanning (Whiteboard) | Modified: April 3, 2018

foot printing

DNS information  Whois jobsites-job descriptions  social networks   [view]

By: praveenviranga | Related Lesson: Introduction to Footprinting | Modified: April 2, 2018

Five Phases

Phase 1 Reconnaissance  Phase 2 scanning Phase 3 gaining access Phase 4 maintaining access Phase 5 Covering Tracks   [view]

By: cdwillits | Related Lesson: The Five Phases of Penetration Testing | Modified: April 2, 2018


  nMap is a network scan & host navigation tool.  In this nMap lab, you’ll learn how to target the entire host, a domain, a subnet mask, IP address ranges, or even create a list, randomizing your destination to avoid detection.         [view]

By: Ferdaous | Related Lesson: Performing a nMap Scan | Modified: April 2, 2018

nikto LAB

#ifconfig  eth0 (kali linux) #ipconfig (windows server) @ip 192.168.X.Y #nikto -h (host) http://192.168.X.Y/myserver/index.html #apt -get upgrade (MAJ of nikto) #nikto -h (host) http://192.168.X.Y >> niktosacan.txt #less nickscan.txt => pou [view]

By: Ferdaous | Related Lesson: nikTo Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018

hping3 Lab

#hping3 -help (help) [view]

By: Ferdaous | Related Lesson: hPing3 Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018


dns enumeration : kali linux #dnsenum host’s address name servers mail servers zone transfers    [view]

By: Ferdaous | Related Lesson: DNS Enumeration Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018

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