Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Notes

Where to find of Info

Internal: Internal DNS Private Websites Dumpster Diving Shoulder Surfing Eavesdropping   External: Phone Network Website Email Header Google Whois DNS Social Networks [view]

By: angelsgaming5 | Related Lesson: Footprinting (Whiteboard) | Modified: April 3, 2018


Footprinting is documenting information Some info is about target ex. ip addresses, address points   [view]

By: angelsgaming5 | Related Lesson: Introduction to Footprinting | Modified: April 3, 2018

Phases of Penetration and Ethical Hacking

Phase 1: Reconnaissance Phase 2: Scanning Phase 3: Gaining Access Phase 4: Maintaining Access Phase 5: Covering Tracks [view]

By: angelsgaming5 | Related Lesson: The Five Phases of Penetration Testing | Modified: April 3, 2018

Web Data Extractor Lab

perform google search to get to web extractor basic information when digging for any kind of target [view]

By: Gavini | Related Lesson: Web Data Extractor Lab | Modified: April 3, 2018

DNS Overview and Zone

2 clients on same network, used 2 separate client shells, to connect to 1 vulnerable server, performed same commands side by side from the clients, interrogated the server and we got it to transfer the whole AD integrated table down to a client com [view]

By: Gavini | Related Lesson: DNS Overview and Zone Transfers | Modified: April 3, 2018

foot printing

take all things and make it in to a picture . inside the target : internal DNS ,private websites ,dumpster diving ,shoulder surfing ,eavesdropping. alot more things tht can be used that are not phisical  phone  network  websites email header start [view]

By: AnthonyM93 | Related Lesson: Footprinting (Whiteboard) | Modified: April 3, 2018

foot printing

pen test doc the source some info is on the target  (email,web sites, ip address,access points) could the info matition be used on other things  is things over the internet (job sites,posting boards,infomation come to you) public registration of th [view]

By: AnthonyM93 | Related Lesson: Introduction to Footprinting | Modified: April 3, 2018

Finding people(online ver)

1. finding people at 2. <target name> spokeo 3. yasni [view]

By: qrain | Related Lesson: AnyWho Lab | Modified: April 3, 2018

Performing an nMAP Scan

Kali Linux -iL – Input from lists of hosts/networks -iR – Random targets/range of IPs etherape X – Christmas scan F – Fin Scan N – Null scan P – Ping scan U – UDP Scan S – Stealth Scan   [view]

By: Gavini | Related Lesson: Performing a nMap Scan | Modified: April 3, 2018

Footprinting(part 2)

1. Have TARGET(people/company) 2.Find internally: internal DNS private websites dumpster diving(digging into the trash) shoulder surfing(can do even from front receptionist desk) eavesdropping 3. Find externally: Using phone(social engineering-manipu [view]

By: qrain | Related Lesson: Footprinting (Whiteboard) | Modified: April 3, 2018

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