Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Notes


This tool shows current TCP/IP connecttion netbios  e.g nbstat -A IP address -c cache details -n  local netbios names -r  -s for sessions   Good to do this if you have access to the tool. [view]

By: MovingForward | Related Lesson: nbtstat Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018


shows algorithms, key size confidentiality – changing from plaintext to cyphertext think of symmetric encryption as padlock   [view]

By: testing223 | Related Lesson: Advanced Encryption Package Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018


can take input and easily encrypt it with various cyphers hybrid — ?? Combo of symmetric + asymmetric? symmetric – you only have keys – ?    [view]

By: testing223 | Related Lesson: CrypTool Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018


helps understand principle of integrity shows you message digest of file  many hashing programs if the message digests are the same, nothing has been changed with the file  doesn’t look at timestamps, attributes   [view]

By: testing223 | Related Lesson: Hash Calc Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018


yields files in directory, what they are, their hashes   [view]

By: testing223 | Related Lesson: HashMyFiles Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018


very undervalued people have problems with cryptography look for keys have to have encyclopedic knowledge about these algorithms any hashes change, something has been changed, could be an attacker asymmetric algorithms have public + private keys pki [view]

By: testing223 | Related Lesson: Cryptography (Whiteboard) | Modified: April 2, 2018


it says raw socket [view]

By: blossomcherry | Related Lesson: Path Analyzer Pro Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018


Target: Routing, Arp User/groups/accts –  network resources – any issues with protocols services  Names – naming conventions Applications/Banners Passwords OS’s – windows, mac. Linux, client, firewall, etc Protocols@ [view]

By: MovingForward | Related Lesson: Enumeration (Whiteboard) | Modified: April 2, 2018


CMD  ping /? for options                                                  -t continuous                     ping www.*****.com ping -a (IP from first ping)  to get a name       ping www.***.com -f -1 1500     [view]

By: jakeballantine | Related Lesson: Ping Lab | Modified: April 2, 2018

Penetration Testing Course by Leo Dregier

Phase 1: Reconnaissance Find information about the host, passively or directly. Phase 2: Scanning   Phase 3: Hack/Exploit/Gaining Access   Phase 4: Maintaining Access   Phase 5: Covering tracks and writing reports   Basic Concepts   Intermediary [view]

By: waladhejaz | Related Lesson: The Five Phases of Penetration Testing | Modified: April 2, 2018

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