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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 4.6 - Troubleshooting Operating System Problems

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: February 9, 2018 | Modified: February 10, 2018
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NotepadCompatibility Issues

With Hardware/Operating system

Try to resolve or uninstall


Heavy resource usage/ Operating System too Heavy

Fragmented Drive


Too many Applications Open


Windows settings changed

Normal Boot failed/Improper shutdown

Reason FILE FAILS TO Open-

File in use

Invalid permissions

File corruption

NotepadTrouble shooting Operating System Problems

Missing OS –

BIOS Misconfigured

Non-bootable Media

HDD may be improperly connected

Failed Hard Drive/Blank


NotepadTroubleshooting Operating System Problems

Blue screen of death-Hard drive may have bad sectors.

Non bootable device/Applications / Drivers/OS crashing/Malware/Memory errors

Failure to boot- May have non bootable media in our drive.


Incorrect master boot record

Improper shutdown


Troubleshooting Operating System Problems (part 1)

Troubleshooting Operating Systems Part 1

In today’s lesson we examine several issues that occur with the operating system and how we can resolve them. We begin by revisiting BSOD, the blue screen of death, and move on to boot failures what may happen to cause an improper shut down and the impact of DLLs and OS service failures.

We’ll discuss bad sectors on a hard disk drive, malware overloading system resources and memory errors.

We’ll also talk about when the BIOS would need to be configured and how to update it, when a disk sector becomes corrupt, and various causes that ca trigger the OS to shut down incorrectly.

We also cover DLLs and what they are, how they work and how to trace a system or other event if they become corrupt or are considered “missing” on system boot up.  Raid not setup on computer.


NotepadTroubleshooting Operating System Problems

Regsrv32 – utility  -DLL missing malformed

regedit- Setting for applications.  If becomes corrupt you can install previous Regedit if you backed it up current registry.

Event viewer- Why error came up, Views warnings and errors that came up.  What prompted that error.  More specific information.  See who is logged in. Can see unsuccessful logins 

Safe mode – Trouble shooting with reduced resolution and applications.  Several different options.  Networking or command prompt in order to boot to a more safe mode.

Safemode low reslolution-video card issues or displays.

CMD – allows to command prompt non graphical (black terminal in non graphical interface.  Fixboot, Fixmbr etc.

Emergency repair disk -perform some fixes

Automated system recovery – All else fails try this automated system recovery. Backs up drive and then formats the drive, then reinstall, trys to reapply information from before.  Last ditch effort before reinstalling windows.

NotepadTroublshooting Operating System Problems

Troubleshooting Operating System Problems (part 4)

Troubleshooting Operating Systems Part 4

Recovery Console-Fixboot – new partition to boot sector

Fix MBR – Repairs MBR

SFC- System File Checker

Repair Disk- Put in repair disk and boot to fix errors

Pre-installation Environment- WINPE is not a complete operating system. Use if trying to navigate through our drives.

MSCONfig- Helps customize how we are going to start the operating system.


Now that we’ve identified common issues that occur with our operating system, we are ready explore the tools that will help us in resolving these issues.

After completing this segment you’ll know all about the Recovery Console and create a new partition to serve as the boot sector, correct master boot record (mbr) issues, how to create a disk repair & perform a disk repair, what MSConfig is, what defrag is and when/why you would use it.


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