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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 4.3 - Printer Maintenance

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: January 21, 2018 | Modified: January 21, 2018
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NotepadCleaning Laser Printers

Replace Toner
Maintenance kit
Run Calibration will allow to reset
Check the manual
Cleaning inside of printer (clean regularly, use special (antistatic to pick up toner without ruining the printer.
No water
Use a special cleaning pad from manufacture

NotepadInk Jet Printer Maintenance Cleaning

Ink Jet is not quite like laser
Ink Cartridge – can be cleaned with small cloth.
Some can do self clean
Check trouble shooting guide.
If nosal is built in may need to replace
If ink cartridge (3rd party or refillable) leaks out Cleaning out inside of printer. Remove chards of paper or dust using general cleaning.

NotepadLaser Printer Maintenance

Printer types
1. Laser Printer
a. Replace toner warning
b. Login to printer to see what is needed
c. Images get lighter
d. If it comes in contact with skin. If skin becomes warm and becomes hard to clean off.Clean with special vacuum to clean.
e. Don’t use warm off toner because toner actives in heat warm water.
f. Toners are toxic if inhaled. Take precautions.
g. Keep in a cool dry place
h. Don’t smudge toner on
I. Packing bands used for shipping

2. Maintenance kits for: Fuser Assembly, Pickup rollers, Seperator Pads, transfer rollers( picks up double pages).Don’t touch transfer roler without touching
Pickup rollers

Fuser assembly may need to replace if image is smudging problem Toner needs to be nice and clear. If you receive messages on printer count. Heats up the paper. Order a maintenance kit to replace components

NotepadThermal Printer Maintenance Cleaning

Thermal Printer Maintenance: Thermal Paper, Heating Element & Cleaning

In this lesson we discuss the process for the special maintenance and cleaning of thermal printers.

Thermal printers have special paper, thermal ribbons according to size and shape it uses need, kits are the most effective method.

Thermal printers have heating elements which applies the image to the paper, these become dirty and must occasional be replaced. Cleaning it requires a special swap, liquid or pads that are used, the element itself is very sensitive and you don’t want to damage or scratch the drum which if damaged must be replaced.

Debris, as with the inkjet and laser, requires general cleaning inside the printer housing. That entails the removal of paper dust, shards of paper and other debris which can build up over time.

And as always, for all printers is advised to perform any maintenance or cleaning task on an anti-static surface so as not to damage the device.

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