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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 4.1 - Troubleshooting Theory

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: February 8, 2018 | Modified: February 9, 2018
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NotepadDocument Findings, Actions & Outcomes

-Do not assume you will remember

-Document solution in everything

-Causes and symptoms

-Attempted Solutions

-Current Solution

-Follow up with Maintenance

NotepadEstablish Theory

Establish a theory of probable cause – Going through a process of elimination. Is it a hardware or software problem.  Is it a physical problem.  Hardware problems you can hear, smell or see.  Narrow down to part  or program. Is it a network problem, or driver.  Boot into safe mode.  Swap Ram Modules.  Are slots bad or ram bad.

Eliminate Variables:  

-Boot in safe mode

-Swap Ram

-Core operating files

Research Issue – TechNet, Help ticket, Knowledge base


NotepadIdentify the Problem

Document everything –

Ask Questions – who, what, where, why, Outcome.

Ask open ended questions

Any changes

What led to Issue

Is this



NotepadImplement Solution

Create plan of action-

Put steps in motion to resolve the issue.

Perform tangible actions\documentation

Finalize settings and hardware changes

NotepadTestTest Theory to Determine Cause

– Backup settings before changes

-Once theory is confirmed decide next steps

If not confirmed go back and research another theory.  Escalate if needed.

Bump to next level of support


NotepadTroubleshooting Theory

Troubleshooting – Logically-system

Identify the problem

Establish theory probable cause- what you think might be wrong

Test Theory –

Make a backup before  making changes in case you need to revert back

Plan of action/Implement solution

Verify full functionality/Preventative Maintenance

Document findings, actions and outcomes

Record all resolutions

Internet Education Takes Patience, veracity and Dedication.

Verify full functionality/Preventative maintenance

Document findings, actions and outcomes.

NotepadVerify Full System Functionality

Preventative Measures

– Attempt to perform the actions that occurred before the issue occurred.

– Follow up later

– Preventative Measures

 –  Anti-Virus

–  Auto- Patching

–  Cleaning




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