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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 3.3 - Securing Mobile Devices

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: February 6, 2018 | Modified: February 7, 2018
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NotepadSecuring Mobile Devices


Password for device

Can set encryption

facial recognition

Finger print recognition

After so many incorrect password inquiries it can be set to wipe the device.  It can’t be used again and information can not be retrieved.

GPS Locator can detect the device.  If battery is dead will not be able to located.  Must allow gps location of device.  Only so many attempts  and device will be wiped.


Encrypt device

Can setup encryption takes the data and scrambles so it is not readable.

NotepadSecuring Mobile devices Part 2

Devices are computers.  Can get malware and viruses.  Antivirus can scan device for files and viruses.

Mobile devices may need to be rooted but avoid rooting the device if at all possible.

Periodic phone patches need to be installed.  Plug into the wall outlet and do not turn off when  installing patches.

Research updates before installation of patches. When installing patches if something goes wrong be sure you have a back up before installing patches.

Don’t rush through backups.  Let it complete.  You can backup to the cloud  but you need to be very cautious and have a very strong password.  Disable Cloud backups so they cannot  be compromised.   

Remote backup – Backup for more security. 

Cloud – is a server that backs up your data to online servers.  Make sure your data is secure.  Keep device locked down. Keep data secure.

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