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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 2.8 - Identify Network Types

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: January 16, 2018 | Modified: January 16, 2018
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How they are connected.

Mesh – every computer has connection to it’s neighbor but to all computers

Partially  meshed network multiple nodes with pa

Meshed has redundancy a couple different paths to connect.  Say our connect fails the others can connect to others.  If one is dead

Downfalls to Meshed Network:

Would need to be connected to multiple networks.


Ring Topology

All computers are connect to all of their neighbors in a ring. Sends token through others to other computers.   Will pass on to the computer that needs it.  Only computer that can send information at a time.  Like hot potato.  To stop collisions.  Collision is when the packet runs into another packet.  Only one can send information at a time.   Still possibility for collision. Only the person with the token can send information. 

Bad side is information has to go through all the computers.  Sometimes you don’t want all computers to see the information.   Another negative is that it takes a node down the entire network goes down.  If falty node. 

Token – pass along who does what. 

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