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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.3 - Screen Capture Labs

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: January 25, 2018 | Modified: January 29, 2018
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NotepadCheck disk

Check disk utility to check drive issues. Used from command prompt or windows utility as well.  

NotepadGeneral Command Prompt

Command Prompt is our window into the interworking of the computer. Command line interface. Graphical User Interface

How to open command prompt
Start Run cmd

c:\ users\administrator

How to clear everything out. cls means clear screen


Ipconfig = windows IP configuration of network settings.

If we can not get logged in


Network commands

Ipconfig /all gives more detailed information MAC addresses, servers lease, default Ipconfig information.

Networking command
Ipconfig – for adapters
Subnet mask
default gateway

NotepadNBT Stat


Displays protocol statics in current connections 

Net Bios is a windows predecessor to DNS(name lookup service) resolves host names to IP addresses.  Resolves command line

NET bios is a windows predecessor 

NBTSTAT-C  shows any cache for each particular node. Cashe contents

NBTSTAT-R  shows any resolved name NetBIOS accounts .

NBTSTAT – S shows NetBIOS connections.

NBTSTAT – C shows any caches for each node


NotepadSfc System File Checker Lab

System File Checker  

SFC checks they system files that may have any issues.

2 options  

SFC /scan now  (will first scan operating system files then correct if necessary

Second option: Run SFC verify only.

NotepadShut down command

open task manager

shutdown /I initiates

shutdown /l  shuts down computer

shutdown /r   does full shut down from restart

shutdown/r /t 60   (in 60 seconds)

shutdown/ a  will abort shutdown

Shutdown Lab

In our next lesson we look at commands that enable us to control the computers power that would be the Shutdown Command.

There are several ways to perform a shutdown of a computing system.  This lesson examines the different methods of correctly shutting down a computing system.  We explain what happens when the shutdown process encounters an error, and what actions the operating system takes when Windows Shutdown is performed incorrectly.  We also demonstrate the various ways in which local and remote systems can be properly shutdown.


NotepadTask Kill\pidtask number

Taskkill /PID task#

Task Kill

As we continue with our lesson on the Tasklist command utility, we explore the use of specific Task Manager function Taskkill.

You’ll observe a demonstration of how to use the Taskkill function and each of its switch options which enable greater functionality to end processes.  You also learn that Taskkill is a permission-specific function.  So there will be the tasks you are not permitted able to stop are based upon your rights to do so as a user or administrator

NotepadTask List Command

Matches up well with task manager. The command is /s to run the list /svc will show each service that is running. 


gives a detailed path
Identifies bottlenecks – slow down in network

trace route -d tells not to resolve host

can not run over 30 hops. To specify how many hops tracerout – how we can identify bottle necks and get to locations.
Tracert Lab

Tracert Lab

In this lab lesson you’ll learn about Tracert (Trace Route). Trace Route is a command line utility that provides packet trace information between two endpoints, your destination and your target.

In this lab you’ll learn about how the Tracert utility functions, about each of the switch options available and the specific information generated from the output result of your trace.

We can specify how many we want to see.

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