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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.2 - Installing & Configuring Operating Systems

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: January 23, 2018 | Modified: January 25, 2018
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NotepadInstalling & Configuring Operating Systems

How we want to format the disk.

Basic disk – Basic options\Functions
– Adding files\folders
– Delete/extend
– Marking the partition as active

Dynamic Disk – more functionality
– Volumes that span over multiple drives
– Setup Raid system such as Raid 5
– Data Base management

Types of partitions-

Max of 4 different partitions.
Primary partition -set and load
Extended partitions
Logical Partition are nested inside of our extend partition

Why not save all in the same partition?

NotepadInstalling & Configuring Operating Systems

Need to determine how we want to format the disk.
FAT(File allocation Tables)
FAT 32 or NTFS
FATA 32 allows a 4GB max file size
Max Volume size is 2 Terabytes (TB)max Volume Size
Volume size is different than disk size.
volume size is how we format our disk into partitions.
Disk size is the physical disk is how much information it can hold

Plus side for fat 32 is that it is recognized file formats. Able to read and write to without problems. Down side to Fat 32 is recognized is that it does not support domain systems.

NTFS(New Technology File System. Handles differently with than Fat 32. NTFS will be 16 Exabyte’s.
NTFS is going to be a way.

With NTFS our file max and volume max will be 16 Exabyte’s plenty of room may not be able to read or write depending on what you are going to be using it for.

With files systems you may need to use a floppy disk.

With file systems

FAT is file allocation table.

NotepadInstalling & Configuring Operating Systems (part 1)

Boot from:




Hard Drive

NotepadInstalling Operating System

Create an Image – clone hard drive and apply that to the computer.

Unattended Install

Create an answer file to answer all the questions for us on the installation that they would ask.  Unattended answer file.

Pixie boot the computer 





NotepadUpgrade Installation

Stipulation path – very limited look at windows upgrade advisor to see if you operating system is viable for upgrade

Clean Install of another operating system Must backup files for this to work!!!!

Repair installation with original installation cd put in cd drive boot to that. Allow repair installation. Sometimes will not work then do a clean install.

Computer with more than one operating system. Can do a multi boot. Use a boot manager. Select the one you want and install. Multiboot takes up more space on your hard drive.

Remote network installation. Remote Installation Services(RIS) using a pixie boot.

Image deployment- take a snapshot as a solid image

Know difference between Disk partition versus volumes
one hard drive partition for personal files such as . We partition disks into volumes.

NotepadWork group or Domain

Work group Peer to Peer p can share printers

Limitations – limited scalability
Name work group (you can change it to anything you want but default is workgroup.

Large enterprise environment – domain controller used a lot more secure and stable

Share files
DC (domain controller) controls files computers that connect to the domain

More functional

Sets date time language region(keyboard layout type)

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