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neler13 | CompTIA A+ | Module 1.2 - Differentiate Between Motherboards

By: neler13 | Related Course: CompTIA A+ | Published: January 22, 2018 | Modified: February 25, 2018
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NotepadBUS --How it communicates

How many lanes on the highway. Computer bus can only handle a certain amount of information at a time. More information will transmit depending on card.
32 bit versus 64 bit. MHZ
CPU to memory to expansion bus. Goes to input output to allow the computer to talk to the componets.

NotepadChipsets - North Bridge, South Bridge & CMos

North bridge. south bridge and CMOS.
North Bridge Chipset connects to – Memory banks and graphics to south bridge

North bridge controls south bridge will control input and out put. They can not be replaced like

CPU must match with the North Bridge and South Bridge sets. Research the what you motherboard can handle research what is out there that will match our pins.

NotepadCPU Sockets

Single edge Pin grid array
one corner lines up with corner
match the arrowed corners. Flat and gently seed the CPU chip
LGA Lam grid array pins are on the mother board. Be careful not to break the card. Lock down to keep in place. Do not bend the pins.

Plastic dual in line package pga pins grid array have to line up exactly or will have to get a new cpu.
make sure the pins at aliened properly. Close and lock in. PGA pins on the CPU , LGA pins on mother board


Mother boards have fans to cool the computer. Make sure dust and heat are the problems. Are fans running? Dust blocking air flow?
Thermal paste may need to be replaced.
Graphic cards with having fans to keep cool.
Fans have several types of connectors,
Keep clean to help prevent overheating.
depends on the card and how fast it heats up


Every mother board is different.

NotepadPCI Slots

Expansion slots
PCI slots Peripheral component inputs
PCI slots have small nubs
They have different voltages
Prevents from putting wrong voltage card in wrong slot
PCI standard 32 Bit
PCIX is a 64 bit slot. 64 bits of information across the connection.
PCIE slots come in 1x,x16(16 times more bandwidth)
x1 card will fit into the x16 slot
PCI standard 32 bit
PCIx is 64 bit slot fasster and larger
PCIe slot (extend)1x 4x 8x 16 x how many times faster it is than just x one slot.


AGp slots Accellerated graphic port
agp universal will fit either voltage
AGP is more intense. They can borrow memory for graphics
and use for 3d graphics.
AGP and AGP pro slot
AAGP Pro slot is much larger than standard AGP card which will allow use of AGP cards. You can remove the sticker to use the slot.

CNR(Communication Network riser slot). Allows better slot used to be AMR slot
CNR allows 6 channels of audio accelerate graphics port

Review the port types what the speeds are

Memory slots Ram cards

don’t force cards in slots can break the card or pins in the slot.
Memory slots correct orientation when inserting cards
Memory slots may have different amounts on them depending on the mother board the mother board may only support only so much memory. Mother board may only support 4 or 6.
Expansion slots on mother board. A couple types
of expansion slots PCI periferal component inputs
5 volts and 3.3 volts. Nub prevents putting wrong card into the wrong slot.
PCI x slot 64 bit slot we can get 64 bits across the connection. PCI X have 64 BIT SLOT PCI IS ONLY 32 BIT. Faster and larger
PCI-E (extend)slots come in different sizes 1X, 4X and 16 X is how many times faster than the X1 cards will
fit in .x16 slot is longer
AGP slots Accelerated graphic port. AGP can fit either voltage provides room for intensive graphic ports. AGP can borrow system memory to render 3d graphics for games and color spectrum. Separator restricts which cards can go into the slot. AGP Pro slot is significantly larger so can only go into correct slot. sticker prevents the misaligning the card. CNR allows up to 6 channels of audio support. CNR allows to have better audio ports.
Review different port types and speeds.
Memory slots for sound or accelerated graphics. Don’t force cards to prevent breaking the slot or the card or may have had to replace mother board. Research before you spend money on new cards so they fit.
CNR Communications network riser allows up to 6 channels of audio support. Better audio channels. Know the speeds of the AGP & CNR Know speeds and differences are.

Memory slots – This is where the RAM cards are placed.
Be gentle with cards make sure not to force. Could break memory or slot. Can only support up to what the board can support on the mother board

Mother board may only support

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