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Module 1.10 - Evaluate Display Devices (Click to View Notes)

Flat panel Monitor (LCD- Liquid)Liquid Crystal Display Uses less powerLess heatPolarizing FilmLCD - Passive Matrix - Dual Scan- Thin film Transistor(Active Matrix)Liquid Crystal LCD uses less power , less heat , less space Liquid Crystal does not cr [view]

Module 1.11 - Identify Connectors & Cables (Click to View Notes)

HDMIType A - 19 pin-1080pType B 29 Pin 3840 x 2400BNC Connector Secure connection holds on tightlyCoaxial Cable Security Cameras  or  Security screens HDMI Connector Video and AudioType A 19 pin 1080p Type B 29 pin 3840X2400Type C 19 Pin- Mini H [view]

Module 2.2 - Characteristics or Connectors / Cables (Click to View Notes)

Twisted PairRJ 45 -100 metersCAT3 - 10  Mbs - 16 mhzCAT5 - 100 mbs - 155 atmCAT5e - 100 mbs - 100 MHz 155mbsCAT6 - 1 GBS (1000 mbs) - 250mhzCAT6 9 - 10 Gbs - 550 MHZ  [view]

Module 2.3 - TCP/IP (Click to View Notes)

IPV6  - Multicast address group called all hostsStart with FF_____IPV6 AnyCast  still 1 to 1 like Multicast but anycast looks for the nearest.  We know exactly which we are sending to. [view]

Module 2.4 - Common TCP and UDP (Click to View Notes)

DNS - Domain Name ServerDNS - S3-TCP/UDP + FQDN IP+ WWW.cybrary.IT -> Protocols: DNS, HTTP & HTTPSDNS, HTTP & HTTPSWhen it comes to domain protocols services, DNS, HTTP and HTTPS (the “s” designates secure) are too [view]

Module 2.5 - Wireless Standards / Encryption (Click to View Notes)

Class 1  - 100mW-100mClass 2 - 2.5m W -10mClass 3 - 1mw - 1m [view]

A+ 900 Series Updates (Click to View Notes)

rapid elasticity- computing resources can be elastically provisioned and released according to the scale needed at a particular time and then scaled back as necessary.Metered serviceComputing resources can be and are measured and monitored by some so [view]

Module 2.6 - Install and Configure a SOHO Router (Click to View Notes)

Webserver (in office)Setup DMS  setup router on outside of outside and router on inside.   Public internet coming inExternal firewallInternal firewall blocks access  Zone is called DMZ  is between external (Public) and internal (Private) . [view]

Module 2.8 - Identify Network Types (Click to View Notes)

TopologiesHow they are connected.Mesh - every computer has connection to it's neighbor but to all computersPartially  meshed network multiple nodes with paMeshed has redundancy a couple different paths to connect.  Say our connect fails the others [view]

Module 2.9 - Compare Network Devices (Click to View Notes)

VOIP = Voice over Internet Protocol Connection over internet Sometimes less expensive than over telephone Uses RJ45 cable or standard RJ 11 Voip phones might not route to 911. Internet appliance-- single device All in one device can switch, and [view]

Module 2.10 - Use Appropriate Networking Tools (Click to View Notes)

Punch down tool Cutting end cuts Strip insulation off Needs to be matched up the same on the punch down and the cable. Colors in same location where they correspond to the correct color Loopback plug is used to dx network issues. Port in questi [view]

Module 3.1 - Laptop Hardware and Components (Click to View Notes)

Expansion cards for laptops look PC cards PCMCIA cards( - older cards PCMCIA personal 3 types not upheld by Personal Computer memory card International Association. PCMCIA cards slide right into the computer. Card stays in place. This allows you [view]

Module 3.3 - Compare Laptop Features (Click to View Notes)

Port Replicator adds more connections and ports Docking station at work you can connect easily to network at work. Then take home. Physical Security_ Lock the docking station Locking ports on laptop makes hard for someone to walk away with it. Tak [view]

Module 4.1 - Printer Imaging Processes (Click to View Notes)

Thermal Uses Heat - for receipts. Feed assembly feeds Heating element- dot matrix printer Uses dots to create image. The more dots the better the print will be Thermal paper is used for this [view]

Module 4.2 - Install / Configure Printers (Click to View Notes)

Infrared uses direct line of sight for communication. Needs direct line of sight for light beams for communication. Share printer- Print server. hardware devices that act as just print servers. Printer hardware print server wireless print server [view]

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