Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking (Archive) Notes

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Module 01 - Phases of Penetration Testing (Click to View Notes)

Phases of penetration testing1- reconnaissance2- scanning3-gaining access4-maintaining that access5-covering your tracks [view]

Module 02 - Footprinting (Click to View Notes)

Path Analyzer Pro Lab [view]

Module 03 - Scanning (Click to View Notes)

Web Data Extractor Labusing a program calledWeb Data Extractor v8.3 [view]

Module 04 - Enumeration (Click to View Notes)

cmdnot found in win 10 [view]

Module 05 - System Hacking (Click to View Notes)

snow programsnow Lab snow is a white space steganography tool used for “hiding” information.This System Hacking snow lesson takes the mystery out of how to use this particular hiding tool, how to manipulate it, and how to work it. [view]

Module 06 - Trojans (Click to View Notes)

Tini Labtelnet trojanThe final lab in the Trojan simulation series is Tini.Tini is the most significant of the all the lab lessons covered in the Trojans module.  In this lab you’ll learn the basics of how a Trojan works and how Trojans operates [view]

Module 07 - Viruses & Worms (Click to View Notes)

Viruses & Worms (Whiteboard)In this whiteboard lecture, we will cover viruses and worms. Worms are programs that can copy themselves across a network. It differs from a virus in that a worm can run itself, whereas a virus needs a host program to [view]

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