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By: mfk1907 | Related Course: CompTIA Security+ | Published: December 17, 2016 | Modified: December 17, 2016
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NotepadAppropriate Risk Mitigation Strategies

  1. Change management
  2. Incident management
  3. User rights and Permission Reviews
  4. Perform Routine Audits
  5. Enforce Policies to prevent data loss or theft
  6. Data Loss Prevention

NotepadBasic Forensic Procedures

order of volatility

  • Registers, cache, RAM
  • Network cache, virtual memory
  • Hard drives, flash drivers
  • cdroms, DVD and printouts

capture system image

  1. Take hash of original media
  2. capture image
  3. Take a hash of image
  4. Compare 1 and 3 whether they are the same value.

Network logs – traffic

Record time offset

Capture Screenshot


Capture video

Track man hours and expenses

Chain of custody

NotepadControl Types

  1. Deterrent controls = discourage potential attackers
  2. Preventive controls = avoid incident from occuring
  3. Detective controls = identify incidents
  4. Compensating controls = alternative controls
  5. Technical controls = passwords, encryption smart cards
  6. Administrative controls = policies, procedures

NotepadLeast Privilege

Least privilege = no more no less

Seperation of duties

NotepadRisk Related Concepts

Risk Response

  • Mitigate = Put controls in place
  • Transfer = Buy insurance
  • Avoidance = Back out
  • Deterence = Deter Threats
  • Accpetance = Accept Risks

Risks with cloud computing

  • Confidentiality
  • Availability = Server and Backups
  • Control in other people’s hands

Risks with Virtualization

  • Orphan VM
  • VM Escape
  • Prohibited Software
  • Best practices & Standarts

RTO = Recovery Time Objective

RPO = Recovery Point Objective

NotepadSecurity Implications of Integrating Systems

  • Privacy considerations
  • Risk awareness
  • Unauthorized data sharing
  • Data ownership
  • Data backups
  • Follow Security policies and Procedures
  • Review agreement requirements to verify compliance and performance standarts

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