Computer Hacking and Forensics Notes

By: ALI | Related Course: Computer Hacking and Forensics
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Module 9 – Data Acquisition (Click to View Notes)

Open source Tools to acquire data1- Drive Spy2- FTK Imager3- DD command [view]

Module 11 – Access Data (Click to View Notes)

FAT ( Insa Navigation (Web, filter, Hex, )Using FTK (Ceart a case, Evidence option, Data carving, Dec) [view]

Module 1 - Modern Forensics (Click to View Notes)

 1- Identification.(Crime happens+ Id crime Scene)2- Preservation.(Warrant- First Responder- Seize Evidence)3- Excretion.( Transport - Bit-by-Bit Copies- Md5/SHA - Chain of      Custody- Storage)4- Interpretation.(Analysis)5- Documentation.(Repor [view]

Module 2 - Investigative Process (Click to View Notes) [view]

Module 4 – Digital Evidence (Click to View Notes)

Examination Process:Assessment.Acquisition.Preservation.Examination.Documentation/ Report. [view]

Module 6 – Computer Forensics Labs (Click to View Notes)

to explore to different connect devices Network [view]

Module 7 – Hard Disks and File Systems (Click to View Notes)

Easycleaner Regshot [view]

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