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kmartin84 | Computer and Hacking Forensics | Module 1 - Modern Forensics

By: kmartin84 | Related Course: Computer Hacking and Forensics | Published: April 3, 2018 | Modified: April 3, 2018
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NotepadModern Forensics

Internal and External

Types of attack: ’

clickjacking – hijacking clicks on the net, redirecting to fraudulent link


  investment fraud

  software/copyright piracy


  auction fraud

  email bombs, spam, hoaxes

  identity theft

  viruses, worms and trojans

  malware – malicious software used to data mine, etc

  cyber stalking – or cyber bullying

  financial fraud

  child porn


   fishing, farming, whaling (going after company bigwig), spear fishing    (targeting specific people or data)

Evidence preservation – avoid contamination (manipulation, change, alternation)


1)  Identificationz;   a) crime happens     b) identify crime scene   

c) warrant to seize or voluntary consent  d) first responder – evaluate evidence

2) Preservation – chain of custody   a) seizing 

3) Extraction  – a) transporting – taking from crime scene to lab, 

           b)  making bit-by-bit copies of evidence

4)   Interpretation   a) prove it has integrity using method digest and SHA algorithym to prove no unauthorized alteration or change  b) analysis  and interpretation

5) Documentation   a)  chain of custody   b) and report

6) Presentation  a)  presenting to authorities for prosecution

EVIDENCE  must be 

1) whole – complete – entire hard drive vs partial

2) admissible – is evidence competent – was it properly collected – is it relevant to the case

3) accurate – is the evidence trustworthy – is the result proving or disproving a fact relevant to the case

4) authentic – true, best, original evidence

5) acceptable – judge/jury will accept it as proof of a finding.

MUST   DO SOME HANDS ON – THIS IS A RESEARCH ORIENTATED COURSE – (like a business pro reading wall st journal)

– FBI has forensic studies that can be reviewed – CSI

 – cybercrime.gov – be familiar with sites driven by govt or private       sector entities

 – Google


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